The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks

Way of Shadows

Read May to June 2011
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Likeable, really, but something made this a hard book to delve into and get lost in the story. It could be the gritty scrabble of life in the mud of the Warrens. It could be that while character building was excellent, the world outside the Warrens lacks details, even as we meet the characters living there. It could be I’ve read too many stories lately with heroes of questionable ethics, and I need to cleanse my palate with light and fluffy (taking applications for light and fluffy~).

Halfway through. Found myself starting to skim to get to the resolution (or get to bed– sometimes they coincide), so I put it down until I could focus. I’m finally liking the world being created. The characters are interesting, and the narrative has returned to each enough times that I care at least a little bit about them, and if a few are rather one-dimensional (especially the love interest), overall they are done well.

I do find that there seems to be awkward narrative jumps, where one moment we are going through a day per chapter, and then all of a sudden, movie montage our character is sixteen, almost completely transformed from the awkward, unskilled youth into a fully competent assassin. Additionally, the narrative skips around, from primary to characters so minor that they are never heard from again–insert Carol’s lament of the disjointed narrative standing in for foreshadowing and tension-building–

Almost finished. Surprised by

(spoiler!) [ the fact that Kylar was allowed to read Eileen’s letters, and didn’t leave them hanging. Also surprised that Jarl made a reappearance and had advanced basically parallel to Kylar without Kylar knowing it].


The overall political maneuvering is fairly clear and understandable, and the plot did have a couple of twists that left me surprised.

Conclusion? Good enough to lure me to the second book, but not enough to join my library.

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