Civil Disobedience and Goodreads (Likely the last post about GR!)

Maybe Goodreads won’t change a thing. But we can make it clear that Goodreads’ new bookshelf name and review-author-behavior policy is not a popular one.I’ve been talking with a few people and have heard a variety of thoughtful idea. Part of the problem in organizing is coordinating so many people, and everyone having varying levels of comfort or goals for the site use.

My proposal is to make next week–Sept. 29 to October 5 protest week. Protest as often as you can, in the way that you feel comfortable.


1. Write a review that should be flagged because it discusses author behavior and not the book.
Stephanie’s review of Vonnegut (does not discuss the book):…
Trudi’s review of How to Talk to a Liberal:…
Moira’s Mein Kampf review:…
Ceridwen’s review of Touched:…
Carol’s review of Extraordinary:…

2. Flag others’ reviews that are meant to be flagged.
(see above)

3. Create shelving that should be removed according to the policy.
Example: Nenia’s Mein Kampf review:… (see last page for prior list of shelves)
KillerRabbit’s really-bad-egg-author shelf:…

4. Post daily updates referencing the issue or referring people to the thread
Example: Richard’s status with pic:…
Jennifer’s status update: (making the rounds right now):…

5. Keep the Goodreads Feeback Announcement thread alive with objections about the silencing:…
Lobstergirl’s status update:…

6. Post a protest profile picture/ like a protest picture
Example: Emily May:…

7. Tweet/blog/Tumblr and everything else, and link back to the threads, post on status updates–
this is a nice compilation of various blogs, posts and reviews:

8. Voluntary blackouts–such as not using GR for book-related purposes or not posting reviews

9. Flag, flag, flag

10. Boycotting librarian work, with a message/post/status/link that you are boycotting and why.

11. Boycotting giveaways, with a message/post/status/link that you are boycotting and why.

12. Let everyone know if you are considering moving and why:
Amy or “Ames” status:…

13. Pick a book about censorship or about banned books and write a review about Goodreads’ new policy.
mark’s sarcastic review:…

I thought Unlearning Liberty appropriate:…
The classic: Civil Disobedience and Other Essays:…

Feel free to share and cross post, or PM me if you object to your inclusion in this post.


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One Response to Civil Disobedience and Goodreads (Likely the last post about GR!)

  1. thebookgator says:

    Wow. I just checked some of the links. Sad to see how many are broken. Stephanie and my reviews are the only ones that remain (and it wasn’t a Hydra review), Emily May seems to be one of the founders of Leafmarks, and a number of people have left the site. Speechless.

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