Banned Review of Castle Cant

Here’s the scoop:
Goodreads is engaging in censorship, because it wants to promote a site that is author friendly. Don’t believe me? Check out the Important Announcements thread in the Feedback Group (just kidding–I know you won’t. Its longer than most novels). Specifically, MrsJ’s comment number 5608:

“Excerpt: ..director of author marketing at Goodreads, Pat Brown…

At a Wednesday afternoon panel at the book fair, director of author marketing at Goodreads, Pat Brown, spoke about how the company remains, even after being acquired by Amazon, a place for authors and their fans.


When asked about how Goodreads is working with authors, Brown said his team is partly responsible for helping authors with “best practices,” on the site, and helping them learn how best to get their books in readers’ hands.


Goodreads will also be, as Brown put it, “native” on the newest Kindle iteration, which is expected to draw a much larger group of users to the site. Also ahead, are some changes to the company’s mobile site—Brown said he thinks mobile will continue to be a major platform for social reading. Beyond that, Brown noted that Goodreads is eager to get more authors engaged, and that currently the site has 90,000 author-users, from huge brand names to debut writers, but it is always looking, of course, to bring more into the fold.”


Get it? You think it’s about you, your book, getting a few likes, maybe engaging in a dialogue about a book. It’s not. It’s about how to monitize you, and use your reviews to sell product to other people who may want the same product (why, helllllo, Recommendations thread) and build a base of positive reviews so that the book product sells better.

That’s why GR is busy deleting hydra reviews when they could be fixing bugs, responding to the feedback thread or sending out site-wide announcements (these are just a few suggestions off the top of my head).

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