Hydra Review of 5th Wave; Carol and mark

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Recommended for: HYDRA fans



Oh, Goodreads friends and readers. Not sure what’s going on? What’s the point? Why your feed is clogged?

The point is to make our objection(s) clear. You are right, it might not change anything. But. How do you think these public uprisings start? From people willing to try. If I can convince 5 people to participate, and they can convince another five people, we’ve got ourselves a read-in. Ceridwen’s crunched some numbers in her latest post and speculates that it is about 1% of the users that generate content. http://soapboxing.net/2013/10/the-las… That’s me! And if you are reading this, that’s you! Let’s go, baby!

I don’t consider it wasted energy. It’s been kind of fun today, and I’ve met another kind of like-minded souls, so how can I call that useless?

It also requires some employee, some where, to find my review, read it, save it and email it back to me with a note telling me why it’s been deleted. You don’t think there’s an internal accounting somewhere in number of deletions, emails, complaints and hours spent? If I know corporations, and if I’ve heard anything about Amazon, there will be an accounting.

Meanwhile, I read the first free chapter of this book. It was interesting, but i didn’t finish because it sounded like it would turn awful. As in bad. I was influenced by reviews of people I trust. So there.

And, so it does not go gently into that good night, mark’s deleted review:

reposted from mark monday

the first wave was The Golden Agers and that’s David and his buddies. the second wave was The Silver Agers and that’s probably Nancy & Kemper & Dan and them. the third wave is just Stephen, he deserves his own wave. now he’s gone, thanks a lot mean Golden Agers for driving him away. the fourth wave is Katrina Lumsden and her review for 50 Shades of Grey. the fifth wave will be all those people still to come who will write 5 stars review for all of the authors who pay Goodreads to merchandise their books and to drive away all those nasty reviewers who are mean to them and make mean shelves all about them. cause it’s all about them. the sixth wave will be the Goodreads Apocalypse!

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