The Sheep Look Up by John Brunner. Or, the future is now.

The Sheep Look Up

February 2015
Recommended for disbelievers in the need for the EPA

I think I might DNF this one.

Honestly, I feel like I’m reading the newspaper and the Sierra Club’s journal on a particularly bad day. Knowing that this was written forty years ago makes it even worse; you mean we knew these problems were coming and still didn’t fix them? We start with gas masks in L.A. (hello, China),

pesticide resistant bugs eating modified crops (hello, Monsanto and Round-Up),

water unsafe for swimming or drinking (hello, red algae blooms and oil spills)

walled enclaves and armed guards (hello, rich gated communities everywhere)


testing for lead and arsenic poisoning (sigh, still)

and I just had enough. In this case, the one star rating is truly a reflection of the “I didn’t like it” school of rating, not authorial skill.

Maybe I’ll try it again when I’m feeling super–happy-sunshiney-rainbows.

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