BITCHfest: Ten Years of Cultural Criticism. Recommended.


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Recommended for thoughtful cultural commentary
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To be honest, I haven’t read this particular compilation. I’ve actually been a subscriber to Bitch Magazine (site) since I first learned about it in 2003, so I assume I’ve read most of these articles. I recommend this–but especially the magazine–to all my feminist friends who want to engage their brains in their cultural consumption.

What’s in it?

Cultural deconstruction. Interviews with interesting people who usually have contributed some kind of outsider voice to culture/art, ranging from young artists to ones who have been contributing in their field for decades. What kind of art? Film, fashion, music, visual, written, performance, video and all their sub-genres. (In other words, all the various ways people express themselves). Occasional rants. A profile of an activist and some of the organizations they recommend. Letters to the editor. A book, movie and music section that focuses on indies and has led me in directions I would not have found on my own (Little Jackie was an especially awesome find). A two page smorgasbord of cool stuff staff members want to bring to readers’ attention in every issue, which usually means woman-generated cultural projects. A full-page comic.

I love the way it celebrates as much as it deconstructs. I long ago dropped my Ms. subscription because it was more depressing than uplifting, loved its theory a bit too much and had trouble staying relevant. Bust was a bit too DIY and indie-band fangirl, a definitely lacked the analytical angle I wanted with my cultural commentary. Bitch manages to overcome the tendency of outsider commentary to overwhelm when acknowledging and discussing the multitudes of challenges we face. I highly recommend it.

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2 Responses to BITCHfest: Ten Years of Cultural Criticism. Recommended.

  1. 1stavenue says:

    Awesome. Thanks for the rec. Uplifting is exactly what I’m looking for but didn’t realize it until you mentioned how this magazine celebrate art and artists. Not much of that going around these days. Also, I checked out Little Jackie and now can’t stop listening to their whole playlist.

  2. thebookgator says:

    You are welcome! The danger of cultural commentary is that if it isn’t done well, or balanced throughout the magazine, it creates a feeling of hopelessness (and its why I didn’t read my Sierra Magazine very often). Bitch’s media site has a table of contents with some postings, so one can get a feel for the wide variety of material.
    And I loooove Little Jackie’s The Stoop:

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