The Universe Doesn’t Give a Flying Fuck About You by Johnny B. Truant

The Universe Doesn't Give

May, 2015
Recommended for people with the game set to “easy”
 ★    1/2


April 13, 8 pm
Interesting title. It seems to be free, and I’m open to a new perspective. I’ll try it.

April 13 9 pm
Okay, I get it. He’s reading a bedtime story to his kid and realizes the great big universe doesn’t care what each of us as individuals do. We should see that as freeing, except the way he says it is kind of harsh.

April 13, 9:15 pm
Clarification: caustic, not harsh.

April 13, 9:30 pm
This has got to be a dude playing the game on the ‘easy’ setting. I’m a woman. It’s not like I need the reminder. Seriously, how many people need the reminder that the world–loosely couched as ‘the universe’–doesn’t give a fuck about them?  There’s evidence all around us, every day, of the multitude of ways that our lives don’t matter, from the neighbor down the street to the local government, to the corporations, to the U.N., to the universe. Isn’t that what the “Black Lives Matter” movement is about? Reminding people that they do matter, because they are used to not having anyone give a flying fuck about them?  The person who needs to read about the universe not caring is probably the least likely person to do it, because they aren’t going to be looking at a self-help blog.

April 13, 9:45 pm
That isn’t very charitable of me. I should find out more about the author. Maybe he struggles with anxiety or depression, and this is his way of trying to motivate himself into action.

April 15, 2:00 pm
Hm, shared blog seems to just have podcasts, but hasn’t been updated since January 2014. There’s a link to his new site.

April 15, 2:15
Okay, this seems interesting. I like the idea that our stories define us.

April 15, 2:45
Okay, I found the link to his personal, current site. I was right. Lowest setting. Had it all, real estate, investments, blah-blah, lost it, realized he could still have it all if he re-defined ‘all.’ Now not home-schooling his kid. Seems to be confirming all (misguided) assumptions that home-schooling means screwing around (as a parent).

April 15, 3 pm
Wow, he’s arrogant: He now “runs a community called ‘How to Be Legendary.'” Part of being legendary means cutting back on time wasters, like answering blog questions and not sleeping. It appears he he gets his health information from a Cracker Jack Box (eat once a day and sleep less than 6 hours). Link from his About:  How to do so many diverse and awesome things that people will want to punch you in the face.”   Well, yes. I already do and I only read part of your story.


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7 Responses to The Universe Doesn’t Give a Flying Fuck About You by Johnny B. Truant

  1. fromcouchtomoon says:

    I saw you reading this on Goodreads and I was hoping you’d review it. The title certainly grabs, but you make an excellent point that this isn’t exactly a new concept to many people. Is this intended to be a spoofy children’s book? Sartre for kids?

    • thebookgator says:

      Oh no, definitely not for children (unlike Go the Fuck to Sleep, which is hysterical). It’s more of an ‘inspirational’ “get the fuck off the couch and do whatever you want to do” creed. Reading to his child about the universe was his moment of insight that it doesn’t matter on the grand scale of things. How uplifting.

  2. Mimi says:

    That’s disappointing. I was really hoping this book was a hit. This author could have done so much with a title like that, but it looks like he phoned it in instead.

    • thebookgator says:

      If, by ‘phoned in,’ you mean spouted “get-busy-and-do-something” in a universe that won’t hand you success. The more I think about it, the angrier I get. He doesn’t draw the philosophical connection very well–it’s more of a “pull yourself up and stop playing video games” kind of mentality–and that coupled with his own website on being Legendary seems rather hypocritical. I mean what if my goal is to live simply, with less stuff, and to be more compassionate?

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  4. Zanna says:

    Awesome review xxx

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