Broken Homes by Ben Aaronovitch. Audio enjoyment.

Broken Homes

Listened June  2016
Recommended for fans of British humour, police procedural UF
 ★     ★     ★     ★     ★ 

I loves it so much that this may be the reason I join Audible. Or is there another way for me to owns my precious?

Holdbrook-Smith’s narration coupled with Aaronovitch’s story is an absolutely splendid combination. Peter Grant has a dry, wry bent, and Holdbrook-Smith is allowing the emotion to come through, even allowing himself to become exclamatory in a couple of parts.

Holdbrook-Smith also has an amazing ability to convey a range of types. He must truly be an actor’s actor. He does the genteel tones of Dr. Morehouse awkwardly reading a German title contrasted with Nightingale’s smooth description of the same title. His Nightingale is absolutely pat–I hear him and Peter as two different people by now. Zach’s indignant hippie vibe continues to amuse. His readings of female lines are just as apt, from the working-class busybody in the Gardens to the weary bemusement of the Nightwitch.

It’s worth noting a couple of things. One, re-listening added to my enjoyment and understanding. Pacing was different than a traditional story because it really is more police-procedural. As Peter and the Folly continue to investigate suspicious occurrences, some will matter to the overall arc and some won’t. Second, this is amazing and heart-wrenching with more suspense than the last book. This is where the series gets serious. Thankfully, there are still some humorous parts–such as a literal pissing contest. Apparently, as my notes from the first read attest, I’m still amused by many of the same lines.

My review of the story: Broken Homes


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2 Responses to Broken Homes by Ben Aaronovitch. Audio enjoyment.

  1. Melora says:

    Excellent review! I’ve now put the first in the series on my summer list — as enthusiastic as you are, I Have to try it.

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