Rivers of London Body of Work by Ben Aaronovitch

Rivers of London Body of Work

Read July 2016
Recommended for fans of Peter Grant and graphic novels

Despite an affinity for both the written word and the visual arts, I have yet to be engrossed in a graphic novel. Quite honestly, I have yet to be even a little bit moved. This is clearly a case of “it’s not you, it’s me.”

The artwork is nicely done, the color shading appealing. Panels are shaded sepia and autumn tones if they are memories, a nice trick as Aaronovitch’s books incorporate Nightingale’s past in Peter’s investigations. The narrative voice is set off in rectangular orange boxes, a clever device that helps separate Peter’s thoughts from the dialogue. I thought the mystery and investigation worked, if somewhat unremarkable. I did like the way the past/present contrast worked for the mystery. For fans of the series, there are bonus “day in the life” pages at the end for other major series characters. Overall, the story seems to rely on the reader’s prior series knowledge in numerous small ways, including an early joke about a lunch packed by Molly.

The series also deserves a shout-out for multi-ethnic normalcy, including a professional woman in a hajib. I just found myself not particularly interested, quite a contrast to my Peter Grant experience when reading or listening to the audio books.

Undoubtedly, your mileage will vary. In fairness to authors and illustrator, I’m passing on rating, but I’ll give myself three stars for trying.



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