Foxglove Summer, the audio version. So good!

Foxglove Summer

Listened July  2016
Recommended for fans of police urban fantasy, audio
 ★     ★     ★     ★     ★

Lemonade and ice. BBQ and ribs. Mac and cheese. Salt and caramel. Some things are perfect complements of flavor. Holbrook-Smith’s voice acting and Aaronovitch’s words are the ultimate combination, the Ben & Jerry’s of the book world.

This is the first series where audio has really demonstrated it’s value for me, a fast reader. Prior to this, I’ve tried Evonovitch, a Harry Potter book and one or two others. An Alas, Babylon convinced me of the value of continuing to give the medium a try, so I finally dipped my toes into the Peter Grant series, and by Moon Over Soho, I was swimming in the deep end.

Something special happened with this book and the last: I’m actually getting a glimpse of the the multi-book arc. Before, I didn’t understand Peter’s fascination with Ettersburg, but with a little insight from Mr. Hugh, it is starting to become clear–as well as who the Faceless Man might be. I’ve got a good idea of what’s behind the door in the Folly’s basement, and it no longer seems like a plot device to get Peter on his own and prevent easy rescue from Nightingale.

It should be clear by now that Holdbrook-Smith is a stunning reader. When Nightingale made a brief appearance, it was delightful to hear his voice again. The wheezing, faltering tone of Hugh brought to life his infirm health. I did have a little trouble keeping the mothers and fathers sorted, but I had even more trouble reading, so there’s that. I enjoyed his interpretation of the chain-smoking inspector, and the boyish cheerfulness of his new police pal.

Pass the Ben & Jerry’s. I’ve got some listening to do.

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