On vacation

I’m taking a vacation to hang with my sister. Traveling through Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia, and enjoying record warmth, so while my reading is not on vacation, writing about it is. Hope you are doing well and enjoying your own current season 🙂


Cumberland Falls, Kentucky


Scenic archway, Daniel Boone State Forest, Kentucky


Egret, Chattenooga Aquarium


Ruby Falls, Tennessee. The largest underground waterfall open to the public.





Excuse me? Hornbills at Zoo Atlanta



Fried pickles! (part of a southern meal of bbq, ribs, sweet tea and macaroni



Where’s Waldo, Zoo Atlanta bird show


Some things need to be remembered. Thousands of white male Georgia residents voted for this.


Fall leaves, Amicola Falls, Georgia


About thebookgator

avid reader and Goodreads reviewer looking for a home.
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8 Responses to On vacation

  1. Melora says:

    Lovely photos! Enjoy your holiday!

  2. Udeni Salmon says:

    What spectacular photos! I hope you are getting some quality time with your sister? Those fried pickles look rather delicious. Please keep the photos coming. It is cold, wet and dark in England right now, so I can feel the sunshine viacriously through your trip 🙂

  3. Mimi says:

    Hope you’re having a lovely time! Beautiful photos btw, esp of the birds.

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