The Overlook by Michael Connelly. Well, yes–you can.


Read November 2016
Recommended for fans of Michael Connelly
 ★     ★     1/2

I don’t often read from the fiction bestseller list and I periodically wonder what I’m missing. When a Connelly (oops, not John Connolly–I mistakenly thought I had ordered the next book in the Charlie Parker series) book came my way, I was looking for a light headache distraction and thought it might do the trick. To absolutely no one’s surprise, I discovered I’m not really missing anything that would cater to my own palate. This is the Arby’s of the fast food world: seemingly meaty but rather bland (unlike Nihilist Arby’s).

Harry is apparently back in action with LAPD with a new position on a special homicide team. He and his new partner are assigned an execution killing but it quickly becomes complicated when his ex-lover (I think) and FBI agent shows up on the scene on behalf of Homeland Security.

According to the jacket, this was originally a sixteen chapter serial story published in The New York Times Magazine and reformatted for video book-like storytelling. The rewrite wasn’t at all obvious, as the story seemed to smoothly flow, lacking the occasional choppiness I associate with seriels. Writing was clear but bland lacking details that build richness of character. The most evocative image was that of the overlook and it’s view of the L.A. Basin, but I can’t tell if that was the book or my own memory. There was a nice little twist near the end, but it was too late to do more than give a momentary pause in my lull.

Overall, it was Storytelling Lite, easily finished in the space of an evening, even with a headache. When I looked up the history of the book, wikipedia noted that some reviewers state it lacked the depth of his other stories. So I suppose I won’t write him off just yet.

Two and a half snoozes.



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6 Responses to The Overlook by Michael Connelly. Well, yes–you can.

  1. Karl says:

    I read the first ten or so books in this Michael Connelly’s Bosch series. I found the first three or four books n the series much more enjoyable than the later books. Thanks for your honest review.

    • thebookgator says:

      Thanks for the added insight, Karl. I did look at the first book and found a lot of impressive reviews from my friends, so I think I might backtrack long enough to give him another try. This wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t… bestseller, I guess. Amazing.

      • Karl says:

        I myself am nor normally a best seller reader, as I recall when His first book came out it lived under the radar for a bit, then Mr. Connolly took off like a rocket. I think you may enjoy the earlier books.

        Happy Black Friday,


      • thebookgator says:

        You are a specialist in the obscure and pulpy! There seems to be a phenomenon in many best sellers that the first books of the series are good, but then the quality goes down as they are underwritten to capitalize on demand.

      • Karl says:

        Your words ring true, It normally takes the author their whole life to create the first book, then the publishing industry takes over to make them produce a book a year, there are some that are up to the task, but not so many.

      • thebookgator says:

        Of course, the adoring public should shoulder some of the blame. I follow Ilona Andrews’ site and some of the fan pressure is amazing. Kind, but amazingly pushy.

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