The Get Fuzzy Eperience

Read  June 2017
Recommended for Bucky fans (not the badger)
★    ★    1/2


Sometimes you just need some easy laughter in life, and what better than comics to fit the bill? I’ve enjoyed the Get Fuzzy comic strip for a while, so I’ve been working my way through the back catalog. Get Fuzzy is about an advertising guy, Rob, and his two pets, an overconfident, opinionated cat, and a somewhat clueless but loving dog.

The jokes usually have to do with the cat being a jerk, the dog misinterpreting the situation and Rob trying to keep the peace.


Occasionally, there’s some funny or sentimental social commentary:


Or just funny pet humor:


Overall, cute, but there’s a lot of joke repetition, making it generally forgettable.




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