Extreme Prey by John Sandford

Read  September 2017
Recommended for fans of private detectives
★    ★    1/2

Checked out because 1) it was in large print, 2) I’m looking for non-torture-porn detective series for the mom, and she seems to not mind some of these factory mill books, and (sigh) 3) the exciting colors of the cover. I needed something brainless while I recovered from The Trees so I decided to preview it for her last night. Don’t take that personally if you love this series.

Well-written for the genre but troubled by with several ‘um, what?’ moments, particularly the multiple extreme reactions of Iowans of Baby Boomer age, a detective who is [temporarily duped by a new hairstyle and the strange ‘wtf?’ of the police not considering bombing as part of their assassin scenario. (hide spoiler)]I checked to see what year this was written–2016, so no excuses there, and it’s set post 9-11, so it seems a startling blind spot. That said, I appreciated its pace. Has a gay police officer who stood out in characterization from the others, so I’m a bit ambivalent about that. [ And was strangely not surprised when he was shot, perhaps because he was the only Iowan police character Sandford bothered to develop? (hide spoiler)]

Still, not bad for my generally low expectations of the genre. I look to these types of books (Lee Child’s Reacher, Robert Parker’s Spencer, Connelley) for mindless entertainment and tend to read more as palate cleansers or when I’m so busy that I want something undemanding. Worth trying the beginning of the series.

Two and a half guns.


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