Rivers of London Black Mould by Aaronovitch Cartmel, Sullivan

Read  December 2017
Recommended for fans of Peter Grant, graphic novels
★    ★    ★  

I read these out of fan appreciation for Aaronovitch’s Peter Grant series, not because I’m attracted to the graphic novel form. That said, the graphics finally seem to be capturing the sense of the full-length stories.

I particularly enjoyed the challenging nature of the ‘opponent’ in this edition as well as Sahra’s active role. There were dual investigations, Peter working with Sahra on a strange mold infestation and Nightingale chasing down another possessed car piece, left over from graphic novel one’s investigation. There are brief appearances by Toby, Molly, and Peter’s dad, and a return of the mechanic from the first graphic novel as well as a constable from Foxglove Summer. Plotting has the usual Nightingale and Peter combination working together to overcome more sophisticated opponents. A couple of nice twists made it hard to put down.

The last four pages has mini page-long updates on Valdova and the Foxglove constable, and two with Beverly. End pages contained the covers of the component books as well as some alternate covers. Coloring was nice, generally sophisticated shading that avoided some of the dramatic cartoonish contrasts. Orange boxes reflect some of Peter’s internal voicing, but it’s a paltry amount compared to the books.

Marked down a star for the gratuitous drawing of naked ladies. Seriously. They showed up in fantasies/memories from a former Russian mobster, now in service to Bev, and had absolutely nothing to do with the story. For shame, Ben. You ought to know better, even if your co-writers and publisher do not. After all, you still tried to be integrative and cognizant of racial issues.

Three stars due to lame-ass pointless female nudity.

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