Blood Magic by Eileen Wilks

Read May 2018
Recommended for fans of urban fantasy, murder mysteries
★    ★    ★    ★   

Another solid entry into the World of the Lupi series. Rule Turner and his fiance Lily Yu have returned to San Diego to catch a breath and see where the political fallout of their engagement leads. Unfortunately, various people in San Diego seem to be experiencing hallucinations centered on monsters, resulting in a lot of busywork for Lily as a member of FBI’s team on magical crimes. However, when they host a baby shower at Clanhome, things go very wrong when one of the guests is almost killed.

As usual, Wilks does a decent job plotting the investigation. We get a few pages of the villain’s viewpoint to prime anticipation and give the reader the inside scoop, but it isn’t overused as a device. In this case, finding the villain becomes very personal, so there’s more integration between professional business and personal lives.

Narrative is almost entirely from Lily’s point of view, with a few instances from Rule as well as her grandmother, Li Lei. I kind of enjoyed being in Grandmother’s head, as she is amazingly determined individual, although the narrative didn’t do a good job of making it clear that we were 300 years in the past. I think. This installment gives us even more insight into Grandmother and I have to say, while I love witnessing her strength, it is also nice to know that she is fallible.

For me, the most annoying point was Lily insisting on bringing the attempted murderer ‘to justice,’ though the murder had a highly unusual set of skills that would preclude this occurring easily. This was also after her prognosticating boss implied literal anarchy and doom. I understand she’s a law&order kind of character, but she’s also smart, and an insistence on the literal law is not a smart move, but ignores the very grey area officers of all types have to operate in.

And oh, yeah: dragons.

I’ll certainly be continuing on with the series, but have run into a temporary hiccough with availability at the library. As in, the library system doesn’t have it. Clearly some generous donor will need to rectify this–after she reads it first, of course.



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One Response to Blood Magic by Eileen Wilks

  1. M. says:

    Glad to see you’re still enjoying this series. 🙂 Can’t wait to get back to it myself, but I’m having the same problem with my library. Looks like I’ll have to buy these books if I wanna continue reading.

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