Hope Sparks (After the EMP #7) by Harley Tate

Read July 2018
Recommended for fans the non-zombie apocalypse
★    ★   ★    1/2

Well, Hope Sparks, but only After A Whole Bunch of Ass-Kicking.

A decent capstone to the EMP series. I still wish for a bit more of the survivalist basics, but now that I’ve completed the series, I think Tate’s angle is that survival is partly about a mentality rather than skills. Which is probably true, but you still need to figure out how to pick out the safe mushrooms in the wood. That shit is hard. This one felt more like thriller than survivalist, but was well done.

On a related note, I noticed a significant improvement in writing in this story. The characters didn’t feel quite as congruent across books –really, make the same mistake again?–but it all seemed to hold together alright. You write seven books, you’re gonna get better, right?

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