Escape the Fall (Southern Grit #2) by Harley Tate

Read August 2018
Recommended for fans of the apocalypse with guns
★     ★     

After reading the first book in the Nuclear Survival series, I wandered off to other stories and other apocalypses. Recently, however, I was cleaning up my kindle and thought I might give book two a chance in hopes of discovering the resolution. In book one of the Southern Grit series, a couple finds themselves in different cities when a nuclear apocalypse hits. From then on, their purpose is finding each other. When the plan for their meetup falls through, they have to make their way to their old house.

Narrative is third person, going back and forth between Grant and Leah. I found myself most interested in Grant’s story, as he was far enough towards his meta journey that he started to explore what ‘community’ is going to mean in the new world. Leah discovers it too, but she is such a Pollyanna that I had trouble enjoying her journey. Perhaps I’ve been a nurse too long, but I think the hallmark of an experienced ER nurse is the awareness that you can’t save everyone, both literally and figuratively. Leah acts more like a fresh graduate than anyone with a sense of public/community health.

Ultimately, the writing is solid and does an adequate job. The characters are rounded, yet somehow generic, probably representing the epitome of the ‘good’ middle-class lifestyle. I thought the apocalypse was vaguely interesting; we continue to run into radiation poisoning issues. However, this makes Grant’s actions near the end particularly stupid and–yes–selfish., as he’s clearly aware of the dangers of exposure. But whatever; as a book it was sufficiently entertaining to be distracting, although there were some parts where I resorted to skimming. Yes, plot OCD is a thing.

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