Magic Triumphs by Ilona Andrews

Read September 2018
Recommended for fans of kick-ass women, myths, shapeshifters
★     ★    ★     ★  

The last book in a ten-book series. By all means, don’t start here. However, I do recommend reading this series if you enjoy ass-kicking sword-fighters, unusual but accessible world-building, and well-rounded characters. The cast also includes vampires–with quite a different take–shapeshifters, and a wide variety of myths.

Still, I’m not sad the Kate Daniels series is ending. It’s odd to me, in a way, that we look for overarching plots in our entertainment, as if the story needs to make sense from one book to the next, and each installment moving towards a grand finale. Though I do it as well, it is odd, because that isn’t life at all: there is not one overarching mission, some enemy to vanquish before heading into the sunset, some gold ring to obtain before retirement to a village. So Kate and Curran will head into the sunset, and readers will certainly hear more about them through many of the formerly peripheral characters.

What’s good here? As always, the Andrews know how to write a plot and keep the momentum going. Sometimes it’s almost as if there is too much going on, but you definitely won’t be bored. As always, there is a fascinating mix of mythology, but more importantly for the end of the series, most of the important members players at least get a chance to stop by. We get the usual one or two butt-kicking scenes, and an obligatory sex scene or two. Well, probably love scene. The issues with the series-long villain are nicely resolved, and there was an angle to it that was both unexpected and welcome. I did like the role of Kate’s aunt.

Parts of this book feel a little underwritten, a far cry from the days of books two and three where more details about the world were shared. I think Andrews have adopted that style on purpose, but I admit I miss some of the depth. The world seems to be more magic than tech these days. Kate and Curran have settled into their relationship, so there’s less of that drama, although there’s still the ‘I want to keep you safe,’ and ‘no, I want to keep you safe’ arguments. Their little tyke is growing, and I was kind of disappointed to see Kate become an anxious mom rushing him off to Dolittle all the time, while Curran was a relaxed dad.

Overall, satisfied, with a solid wrap-up and an intriguing ending. Read in a day, as always. It’s not really the kind of book you want to set down, and it’s generally an undemanding read. A series not to be missed for those who enjoy fantasy and interesting, tough women fighting for a cause.




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