Blood Challenge by Eileen Wilks

Read September 2018
Recommended for fans of kick-ass women, myths, shapeshifters
★     ★    ★    ★  

Another surprisingly solid entry in the Lily Yu series. I say ‘surprising,’ not because Wilks a bad writer–she’s definitely not–but because my expectations for UF series have been so consistently lowered that I’ve abandoned almost all (Kate Daniels is the exception, natch).

My library system didn’t have Blood Challenge, which lead to the purchase of a dead tree copy. Now my indecision is do I help them complete their collection? Or save it for myself? There’s a solid degree of re-readability to this series; as I mentioned, Wilks has a nice sophistication in writing style, with a balance between world-building, action plotting, and romance.

Oh yes; I said it. The ‘R’ word. It’s here and it’s really, really, sweet. From the established couple dynamics between Lily and Rule, to the new discovery of a relationship between an old favorite and a brand new one. If it just seems too… annoying that the magic of the insta-bond Chosen comes up again, rest assured that Wilks has a reason.

I’ll be honest: the main plot felt almost exactly like one of the earlier books–I will spoil which one–(spoiler–one) with substitutions of side characters. But I’ll totally forgive that because it still works.

This book also brings out the idea of an overarching, multi-book plot, with a powerful enemy working against the Lupi. As I mentioned in my review of Magic Triumphs review (Kate Daniels), there’s some good and bad in that, when it comes to series. One consideration is that the mythology of the world has enlarged with each book, with more pieces put into place in each installment. This book in particular makes it clear that there’s a purpose between these seemingly dramatic but individual developments such as Rule’s assuming two mantles.

Overall, an interesting and enjoyable series that’s a bit like a favorite comforter. I’m not really moved to wrap up in it and never leave the couch, but there’s a comforting element of reliability when I’m in the mood.



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5 Responses to Blood Challenge by Eileen Wilks

  1. Hey Carol,

    Been a while since I last posted here. I’ve added you to my follow list on Goodreads. Hope that’s all good. Just thought I’d drop a couple of lines.

    1. I’m fully feeling you on the UF genre. Personally I try to assess them in a vacuum and not compare them to other series too much. I blame the Independent market lol. Are they decently written? Do they offer anything new to the genre, even in small ways?

    2. On that note, is there any UF series you could recommend with a female protag? I’ve had my fill of blokes and want to see if there’s any decent ones from a woman’s perspective. Provided they don’t just descend into pretty boys, relationship drama and badly written porn ALA Anita Blake.

    • thebookgator says:

      Steven, hello! Thanks for commenting. UF is tricky for me. I have to do some comparison, because that’s how you know what’s good! 🙂 I enjoyed the first few books of Faith Hunter’s Skinwalker series, most of Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniel series, and this series by Wilks. That’s it for longer-running series that avoid (overmuch) relationship drama and badly written porn 😀 Marjorie Liu isn’t bad, but it did a couple things I wasn’t interested in, and I loved the a great premise of living tattoos. Craig Schaefer and Ben Aaronovitch have two of my other favorite UF series.

  2. Tejasv Kalra says:

    Thank you for sharing this 🙂

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