Housetrap by R.J. Hore

Read February 2019
Recommended for fans of noir fantasy
★     ★    ★ 

Sometimes I find these little surprises on my Kindle. Call them gifts from carol.-past, or perhaps errant waves and electrons slipping through the ether. Or Amazon’s own little advertising efforts. Well, whatever. A novella that felt very much like Glen Cook’s Garrett P.I. series (first is Sweet Silver Blues), only with Even More Wisecracks! ™. I mean, if that isn’t an advert, it should be.

A P.I., a slummy bar (run by a family of grizzlies), an elven dame looking for her errant boyfriend and a family heirloom. It’s mostly what I’d expect, fully dabbling in the seedy P.I. noir tropes. The world sounds like a complete fantasy and sci-fi mash-up, with vampires, banshees, harpies and wizards sending ships to Mars.

It’s fun, albeit in that way that sugared-up, caffeinated-up fun movies can be, where suddenly it’s just exhausting, and could we just go back to being normal please? There’s a twist or two that I’m not quite sure sits with the tone. It’s a fine line and I’m not quite sure Hore got it here. The ending actually made me feel a little let down, which is actually extremely appropriate for the over-sugared analogy, now that I think about it. I’d think–but I’m hardly sure–that I might have gotten this for a dollar, in which case, worth it. But the other ones seem to have a $2.99 price, and that doesn’t seem worth it.

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