Incursion: Zombie Apocalypse by M.D. Massey

Read May 2019
Recommended for fans of survialist zombie stories
★   ★   ★  ★   

It’s a good thing I read this novella first, because the subsequent books turned out to be another herd of zombies all together. 
Incursion: Zombie Apocalypse is a tight, solidly written little novella about a man suffering PTSD after multiple Afghanistan tours when he is forced to confront the end of the world. Everything is set up beautifully for his survival, but it’s the psychiatric aspects that were the most interesting, beginning with his attempt to do CPR throwing him into a panic attack. 

I thought Massey hit the right notes for motivation without beating the reader over the head. The writing was solid for me, with only a very rare misplaced phrase or–helpmeplease–smirk. 

I would have enthusiastically read much more in this version of the post-apoc world. Unfortunately, it turned into something else entirely in the next book, Incursion: Vampire Apocalypse. This one is serious; that one is solid camp. I’d say read this and consider it a one-off. One of the better traditional zombie survival books out there.

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