Storm of Locusts by Rebecca Roanhorse

Read June 2019
Recommended for fans of UF
★   ★  ★   ★

Fast-moving, moving from a straight-forward confrontation to a search and rescue. There are a lot of similarities with the Kate Daniels series: a heroine with a predilection for violence over other kinds of problem-solving, a young woman with a case of heroine-worship, said heroine with an absence of family connections, a post-apocalyptic world that lacks centralized authority, a world where inhuman and godly walk among the humans.

Setting again plays an important role, beginning in the mountains of the Diné to the barrier of the Wall, to the first glimpse of the world outside the Wall. I won’t say much more at the risk of being too spoilery, but suffice to say that like Kate, one action ends up leading to another and to another, until it ends somewhere very different from what Maggie expected when she accepted her initial job with the Thirsty Boys.

For me, shortcomings revolve around focus on a person who doesn’t approach problems through reflection and logic as well as my own distance from both that time period in my life. Overall, it’s a fun little tale if you are in in the mood for an urban fantasy, and the Dinétah setting is a treat.

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