Uncanny Collateral by Brian McClellan

Read January 2020
Recommended for fans tough guys with tats
 ★     ★     ★     

A decent urban fantasy; for those who follow the field, I’d say better than the first books in the Dresden series and on par with the Iron Druid series. McLellan has been writing a while, so this is definitely not the work of an inexperienced writer. The pace starts off running and doesn’t let up. Characterization is decent, although given there are essentially two main characters, Alek and Maggie, that’s a reasonable expectation. It does explore a different group of urban fantasy creatures than are normally seen, which is intriguing. The hero, Alek, is half-troll, his bestie is a trapped djinn, there’s a number of imps, along with few other creeps. An appearance by Death is particularly nicely done.

There are touches of humor: since the djinn, Maggie, has a telepathic connection with Alek, there’s steady banter between the two. It gives the feel of Dresden and the skull, or Hearne’s druid and his dog. Could banter be a genre requirement?

However, I’m not sure that the idea of the ‘OtherOps,’ or the police for the Others, quite makes sense, nor why our hero would still be allowed to be a contract slave in context of a legal society. But honestly, it wasn’t the kind of book that I was intending to read closely; I was using some brainless reading time on Kindle unlimited account. A good diversion.

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