How to Live an Undead Lie by Hailey Edwards

Read April 2020
Recommended for fans of Sookie Stackhouse
 ★     ★    ★    ★

Another enjoyable entry in the Necromancy series. As an aside, the ‘necromancy’ seems to be similar to ‘magic,’ except the skill can also raise vampires. So if the reader is actually interested in different concepts of death-related magic (think Gideon the Ninth), this is not the series.

This one is a little more about stabilizing Grier and Louis’ relationship in Savannah. Lethe and Hood are at the house. It opens with the group playing pirates with Oscar on Wooly’s property. Oscar disappears and is returned by someone named Corbin, who Grier helped before but had not remembered. Amelie is living in the carriage house, but needs further training after Odette has gone missing.

The relationships are easily the most enjoyable part about this story, with easy banter between Lethe and Grier, including an absolutely hysterical scene where they acknowledge their new friendship. Edwards’ genius, however, is that it is then transformed into an insightful moment as well. There was a nice relationship role-reversal as well.

The references are all current, which probably will date this book somewhat, but makes it fun for the reader:

“Vampires are predators.’ Lacroix bared his teeth, but he kept his fangs tucked politely away. ‘They are made for the hunt, for the kill.’ He must have remembered not everyone present was on Team Murder Good. I was Team Murder Bad, but I doubted there was a local chapter.”

“You have a notepad on the nightstand,’ Hood countered. ‘You’re making a list of names.’ Lethe rounded her pretty green eyes. “Those could be baby names for all you know.”
“We’re not naming our daughter ‘Fucking Rat Face Marsha Dover’ or ‘Flaming Asshat Rhonda Bent.'”

As always, Grier is Super Speshul, but Reading Brain Don’t Care.™

Four stars on the popcorn scale. I’ve recovered my reading mojo!

[SPOILER] The one where Lethe has challenges to her leadership, Corbin goes undercover to the vampire enclave. Louis makes an extravagant purchase. They consummate their relationship.

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