How to Wake an Undead City by Hailey Edwards

Read April 2020
Recommended for fans of Kate Daniels
 ★     ★    ★    

The sixth book in the ‘Necromancy’ series, it plays a capstone role in the storyline. By the time it ended, I’d say it felt like Kate Daniels Lite.™ Uber-talented woman sort of learning her power, but mostly just being Spechul. Super-powerful man that has eyes only for her. They’ve worked out the getting-together part and now are the most powerful couple in Atlanta Savannah. They’ve got a house with their pack of werewolves gwyllgi around them. They have the gay power couple as their friends. And, for the last couple of books, Grier has been trying to figure out how to deal with her super-powerful, amazingly-long-lived vampire father grandfather.

You do the math.

What works is that Edwards is able to get at some of the emotional truths that Andrews are capable of: friendship, love, the pull of family. What doesn’t always work is that there’s a lot couched in tropey and social assumptions. More damning, at least in the popcorn read sense, is that I felt like Edwards didn’t really have her world-building worked out, and it only started to get fleshed out in the last couple of books. Essentially, she takes from the Charlaine Harris Sookie™ methodology and pretends the necromancers, vampires and the rest have been able to conceal themselves from mainstream society. It becomes very awkward here, as the premise for the conflict is her grandfather has ‘taken over’ Savannah with his force of vampires.

But, if you turn Thinking Brain™ off, it works pretty well. It’s interesting, fun and fast-moving. There’s a decent wrap-up. The next two books are more along the lines of HEA updates, one with a wedding and one with a honeymoon, but both wrapped in non-romantic conflict plotting. All in all, not a bad quarantine series. Not one to add to the physical shelves, but definitely one of the better distractions I’ve found.

3 1/2, rounding down because this wasn’t my favorite one, and seriously, it’s not a four-star book on the carol. scale.

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