All Souls Near& Nigh by Hailey Turner

Read May 2020
Recommended for fans of PNR
★   ★   ★   1/2

As you might be able to tell from my categories, there’s a bit of kitchen sink about this. Shifters, gods, demons, mages, and vampires in New York City. But Turner absolutely makes it work. I dove into this one right after finishing the first.

It reminds me of The Immortals by Jordanna Brodsky, only less angsty, a lot more action and a lot more interesting, perhaps because there is so much going on. But as I said, it works. It’s a big-wide world, and magic is out there, policed by Paranormal Divisions of the government. Some magic stuff can stay in the community, but if it interferes with the normals, there’s both public relations and criminal consequences. When a dead shifter body is discovered in a train station, usually an area protected by many and old layers of magic, Patrick is involved professionally, and Juno becomes involved personally.

As usually, there’s a strong romance angle, but it’s surprisingly grown-up for the genre, as Elena C. noted in a review of the first book. Pat and Juno each have history, but try and attack issues with faith and patience. It was something to see. I’d say with developments in this book, it actually feels like growth of a romantic partnership, as opposed to a more surface-relationship of the first book. I’m not sure which was more surprising, that it was maturing nicely, or that I found it so sweet. As always, I’ll note Turner seems keen on including (view spoiler) It’s mostly integrated, but maybe a little not at times.

One of the other interesting things that is happening with this series is that as the relationship between Pat and Juno stabilizes, they are finding that others want to be included into their circle. Reminds me a bit of Kate and Curran in the Andrews’ Kate Daniels series.

Overall, a fun series. I’m not a great judge here, but it’s passing all the gut-sniff tests (it’s a thing; trust me). Maybe I’ll have to check in next year and see if it survives QB, but I think it will.


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