Professor Wormbog in Search for the Zipperump-A-Zoo

Read October 2020
Recommended for those who like cute monsters
 ★     ★    ★    ★     1/2

Meyer’s work has always tickled me. This book is about the Professor searching for the letter ‘Z’ beastie to round out his collection.


The Professor employs a variety of strategies to hunt for his Zipperump.

Some of his critters appear to be (un)helpfully accompanying him.


When I was younger, I loved busy picture books.  The illustrations are colorful, with big-eyed, soft-edged monsters that you can’t help but be curious about. There’s lots of activity on the pages for discussion or distraction. These remind me of a cross between Maurice Sendak and Richard Scarry, right down to Lowly Worm, with the little monsters in the corner creating mischief and offering commentary. This one seems to have a motif of the little monsters wanting to go work at Island Joe’s.

It’s cute, and the ending is satisfying, although somewhat curious. For those that are working about the zoo aspect, the animals all seem quite happy. Even as a youth, cages troubled me, but there are a notable absence of bars here. So two monstrous appendages up. I might have to add this to my childrens’ books library.


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