The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore by William Joyce

Read October 2020
Recommended for adult book-fans
 ★     ★     ★     1/2

A beautiful picture book, but one written for adults more than children. I didn’t have a child to test it on, so I’m just going from memories of my child tendencies, and past experiences of trying to interest small ones in picture books.

The art is attractive and soothing but in a style that may not capture eyes used to active stimuli. Many of the pages are monochromatic, and the drawings look almost pen and ink. As a child, I remember being drawn to the more vibrant colors, and these wouldn’t have really captured my interest for long.

The story is quite metaphorical. Mr. Morris is blown off out of his world and into a new place where he meets a book friend who leads him to the place where books live.

Like Oz, the colors become more vibrant in the library.

The pattern of the story often follows one page with text and another with pictures.

I definitely enjoyed the drawings, which remained me of the style of Chris Van Allsburg, one of my favorite picture book artists.

The details of the lively books were entertaining.

On the other hand, this was made into a very watchable Academy Award-winning short film that provides more visual interest and adds even more charming notes. You haven’t seen animated books until you saw the little egg-book above play a piano at 6:05. The above ‘surgery’ scene, which follows soon after, is a charming spoof of historical medical theater. It’s only 17 minutes long and free on youtube when I wrote this review.…

Here’s Moonbot Studio’s Morris page. I didn’t try to download the app or the movie on itunes, but it has links to do both.…

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