2020 Roundup

As it is said, a dumpster fire of a year. But most of us got through it together, or rather, together apart, right? It gives the withered seeds in my chest hope that we can, after all, survive the zombie apocalypse. But not without reading material!

Despite suddenly having a ton of time to dive into the to-be-read pile, like most of us, I found myself unable to concentrate on anything that wasn’t about a virus. My salvation was a slew of Kindle Unlimited Books which catered to what I came to call QuarantineBrain© (No offense to those of you who actually loved those books at any other point in time. It’s just that they suddenly got a pass on all the things that would normally annoy me). I found Hailey Turner’s four-part Soulbound series turned out to be strangely satisfying along with Haley Edward’s Potentiate of Atlanta series.

There weren’t many five star reads. Ocean Anatomy was one of my fives–digestible, loads of illustrations, easy to pick up at random intervals, quite perfect for (cough) diving into the wonders of the sea. Alas; I was unable to put my knowledge to use. 

Sci-fi has been my interest these days, and it seems there were a number of ship-based bands of misfits who were willing to distract me. Five stars included Driving the Deep proved to be an excellent follow-up to the first, The Wrong Stars a fun entry to a new trilogy, followed by a couple of 4: The Big Ship At the Edge of the Universe and Rosewater. A couple of my 5s were short stories that I highly recommend: The Secret Life of Bots and  4 star-Sauerkraut Station

But oh, there were some fails. I gave up on the idea of forcing reads and more readily abandoned those that weren’t working. I took to ordering a stack from the library so I’d have options if something wasn’t working out. Many never even made it onto the ‘dnf’ list. Betwixt and The Smart Woman’s Guide to Murder were two of my attempts during QB and one of the sure signs that even my impaired noodle had it’s limits. Once I recovered, I did give The School for Good and Evil a try and wow, what a mess. Solid sucky stars for all.

On the other-genre front, Florida Straits was unexpected and enjoyable, as was Stephen King’s Laurie. I also enjoyed the comfort of some re-reads, including The Markhart Files and a couple of Agatha Christies.

But despite it’s generally terribleness, my December wrapped up on some high notes, no small thanks to a succession of buddy reads with Nataliya, who inadvertently provided me with a kick in the hinder whenever I flagged. I made it through a couple of interesting sci-fi series, the very intriguing Ring Shout, and the advance copy of a five-star, soon-to-be award-winning book, A Desolation Called Peace.

I’m thankful as always for the friendships I’ve discovered and nurtured here, along with all the casual interactions that reassure me that somewhere, my species exists out there.

Much love,


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10 Responses to 2020 Roundup

  1. Andreas says:

    crap, the WP reader doesn’t show any linebreaks, it’s all a continuing text flow 😦
    I’ve switched to the Browser-View, and it’s fine there.

  2. cathepsut says:

    I got an ARC of Desolation Called Peace as well! I will wait a little and read it shortly before it‘s published, as my group is going to buddy read it and I don‘t want to jump the gun too much…

  3. Stephen F says:

    Adding the Pratt books to my TBR. Thanks.

  4. koeur says:

    Thanks for your reviews. Always incisive.

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