Fugitive Telemetry

Read April 2021
Recommended for fans of sci-fi, humor and AI
 ★     ★     ★    ★    ★   


2021 is looking to be a pretty special year. No, I don’t mean the vaccine, although that’s pretty amazing. No, I mean Murderbot is back in a solid novella. While I’m contractually bound to not repeat the approximately 80 highlights I made while reading, I can assure you that it is filled with ‘Bot’s trademark sarcastic thoughts on humans, slow thought processes, and complicated facial expressions.

“Oh good, maybe the security level would go from barely adequate to mostly adequate. I didn’t make an expression because I knew Indah would be more annoyed by me not reacting than by me reacting.”

In Fugitive Telemetry, ‘Bot is on Preservation Station and has recently discovered a dead–cough, deceased–human. This is odd, because they appear murdered on a station with a threat assessment of 7% “(to make it drop lower than that we’d have to be on an uninhabited planet.)” ‘Bot jumps right into the investigation, spurred on by concern that GrayCris might be involved. In this case, it’s somewhat constrained from using full capabilities due to general unfriendliness of the human Station Security team and its honor system. It has some new humans to work with, although a few of our familiar friends make an appearance. In timeline terms, it seems likely to have taken place before Network Effect, mostly because that book has such big events happening.

I received notice of my ARC approval after a marathon day vaccinating people (10 stations, 673 people, thank you all very much for getting shots), and while fulfilled, was quite exhausted. I waged a brief debate with myself: do I read? Do I save it as a reward after I write my two other reviews and finish my two other less-interesting books? Or do I go for it?

I think you know what I did.

While I read, my day fell away, page by page, replaced by sarcastic observations and extremely dry wit. ‘Bot, how I’ve missed you. 

“I hadn’t had as much relevant experience in that time. But what I did have were thousands of hours of category mystery media, so I had a lot of theoretical knowledge that was possibly anywhere from 60 to 70 percent inaccurate shit.”

The only real question was how long until I re-read all the novellas? 

Endless thanks to Netgalley and Tor/Forge Books for an ebook ARC. All thoughts are mine (although if you like, we can have a philosophical debate on that one) and all quotes are subject to change.

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2 Responses to Fugitive Telemetry

  1. Melora says:

    Gah. Thanks for reminding me — I really Do want to read these Murderbot books!

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