Julian at the Wedding by Jessica Love

áJulian at the Wedding

Read June 2021
★  ★  ★

A follow-up to the adventures of Julian discovering mermaids, this suffers in comparison.

I continue to love Love’s artistic sensibilities, but almost none of the pictures felt as vibrant or as unusual as in the the mermaid story where there were a variety of people, dresses and fantasies. I also remain somewhat confused by the choice of background page color, as it seems a little too dark to let Love’s color choices pop into something really eye-catching, although it does work with white lace. Perhaps she was thinking of white wedding and contrast, but blues and greens have trouble standing out.


The story is minimalist–Julian and friend are the flower children at a female couple’s wedding then go to play after–but perhaps the value is in normalizing those occasions.

While Julian and the Mermaids (a great drag queen band name, btw) was a fun book that I added to my own library, this is one that lacks the beauty and story to really spur me into love.


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