Provenance by Ann Leckie

Read December, 2021
Recommended for people who don’t want to commit to the trilogy
★   ★     1/2

Note to self: Probably you should write a review right after you finish reading, no matter how uninspired you may find yourself by said book.

What I meant to say: something along the lines of “it was tolerably better than the Imperial Raadach trilogy, but likely only because it distilled into one book all the minutia of the other three.”

What I find myself saying now: I remember almost nothing about this book, so I found myself looking at my three highlights, which did nothing to jar loose any memories. I looked to my friends for help, but alas! No memories. However, Jess’ notes and highlights
deserve note for cracking me up and were no doubt similar in emotional response.

My own highlights include such uninspiring descriptions such as:

“The assigned pickup location was a small room walled in orchids growing on what looked like a maze of tree roots.”

“Captain Uisine spoke then, his voice unbelievably calm and smooth. “What makes a citizen of the Geck, Ambassador?”

“She knew that she should distance herself from Pahlad as quickly as she could. For just a moment she felt that dismaying feeling that she was about to fall.”

Two and a half cups of tea.

Clearly, one of my uninspired reads of 2021. Fitting.

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