Idle Ingredients by Matt Wallace

Read February 2022
Recommended for fans of urban fantasy restaurants
★   ★   ★       1/2

The One where it Becomes Clear these are Not a Series of One-offs But In Fact an Entire Meal In Seven Courses.

A new employee gets assigned to the company, and not everyone accepts that as easily as Ryland the alcoholic alchemist:

“’I’m Sin du Jour’s new executive liaison and consultant.’
‘I blindly accept all of that,’ Ryland assures her.
Luciana crooks her neck, regarding him oddly. ‘You know, you don’t so much articulate your thoughts as narrate them.’
Ryland nods. ‘That is a fair assessment.'”

We’re on premises at Sin these days, and anyone who hasn’t spent any time with restaurant people may not get little references like this:

“’How are we explaining the blown lock?’ Nikki asks.
‘We’re chefs,’ Lena says. ‘We party. Shit gets blown up. It happens.'”

Wallace has a gift for tapping into our cultural fears. In book one, it was fast-food clowns. I noticed reading this one that bears seem to come up more than their share as well.

“It’s a load that will bring down a bear, or a wizard, or a wizard who has shape-shifted into a bear.”

I have to note how much I appreciate Wallaces’ writing, especially when he throws in a snap or two like this:

“So I don’t have any choice? I have to work for you. I’m a fucking slave.”
“No, a slave’s a slave, and I imagine anyone who actually was that wouldn’t take kindly to your exaggerations.”

Still, I never really warmed to the obvious plot, Girrrl-Power aside. But rest assured, it didn’t stop me from forgoing clearing my palate and heading on to the next course.

Three and a half stars, rounded down.

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2 Responses to Idle Ingredients by Matt Wallace

  1. Andreas says:

    So far, I’ve only read his military fantasy Savage Legion which I liked in the end after having nearly DNFed it. I don’t know what to make of this author.

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