Taste of Wrath by Matt Wallace

Read February 2022
Recommended for fans of Chuck Wendig
★   ★   ★     1/2

For those who feel like a series needs to be wrapped up and stories resolved, this does the job. For those that want a penultimate finish, this should also satisfy, perhaps to a lesser degree. And for those who are tuning in for Wallace’s solid writing skills, this was less notable, although I’ll note that the resolutions were more emotionally complex than I would have expected. Of course, this could be return-airport-blues talking (that’s a thing).

I will once again note that this is very much a 7-book series–but novella length, so actually less of a time commitment than a single book of Wheel of Time or Way of Kings, to pick two ridiculous series commitments off the top of my head. There are gradually revealing backstories and character changes through the seven books that make the depth of story-telling more hard-hitting than one might expect for a book described along the lines of  ‘the shenanigans of a supernatural catering company.’ I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on Wallace, and would not rule out a future re-read.

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