Persuader by Lee Child

Attempted to Read July 2022
Recommended for airplanes


Please add this book to the tv series asap so I don’t have to read any more words.

“The cop climbed out of his car exactly four minutes before he got shot. He moved like he knew his fate in advance. He pushed the door against the resisitance of a stiff hinge and swiveled slowly on the worn vinyl seat and planted both feet flat on the road. Then he grasped the door frame with both hands and heaved himself up and out. He stood in the cold clear air for a second and then turned and pushed the door shut again behind him. Held still for a second longer. Then he stepped forward and leaned against the side of the hood up near the headlight.”

Thank god most of the book is dialogue.

“I need money,” I said.
“I’m going to need to travel.”
“Right now.”
“Is that wise?”
“Not reallly. I’d prefer to wait here a couple of days until the initial panic is over. But I don’t want to push my luck with you.”
“How much money?”
“Five thousand dollars.”

Well, nevermind.

There’s a nice initial twist to that opening scene that I appreciated, but this writing… Wait… is that a John Connolly book over there?

Reacher, honey, I’ll wait for Netflix.

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4 Responses to Persuader by Lee Child

  1. Sabina says:

    I have good news for you! It is a tv series already. You don’t read any more words.

  2. Ola G says:

    I only tried reading one Reacher book and resigned… The style was not for me, I’m afraid 😉 But I’ll take a look at the TV series, seems like everyone likes it.

    • thebookgator says:

      Yes, I can see that. I read most of the books that I read when I was working out on the elliptical back in the day 😀The tv series was fun–I think there’s a lot of great supporting actors in the show.

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