Carol’s Annual Best-of

Lists. I love them.

My ‘Best Reads’ below are books I’ve actually read that year, not the year they are published. I’d recommend these books as shining examples of their genres or flat-out good reads.

Being the orderly person I am, I’ve linked to the review where I have it. I’m a person that re-reads, although admittedly I did it a lot more often before finding Goodreads. I generally left out a few of my auto-buys. It goes without saying that if Kobna Holdbrook Smith reads an Aaronovitch book, I’m going to adore it.

Best reads of 2020

Best reads of 2019

Best reads of 2018


Best reads of 2017


Best reads of 2016


Best reads of 2015


Best FICTION Reads of 2014

It’s looking to be a better year! Why? Because I’m using my book community to pick out great reads for the right mood. I’ve really enjoyed


Best FICTION Reads of 2013

Best FICTION Reads of 2012

Best Non-Fiction Reads

  • Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton
  • Fast Food Nation. Recommended for everyone who thinks about eating fast food.
  • Crucial Conversations. If only I can remember the strategies, I’ll be so much better at those high-stakes moments


Top Urban Fantasy

These authors’ series are on my auto-buy list (links go to the author’s book page)

  • Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels series  (10 books and now spin-offs)
  • Ben Aaronovich’s Peter Grant series (8 books and forthcoming, also graphic spin off)
  • Kate Griffin’s Matthew Swift series (4 books in the original series, 2 spin-off)
  • Craig Schaefer’s Daniel Faust series (8 books and forthcoming)
  • Frank Tuttle’s  Markhat series (short stories and books)


Urban Fantasies that are very good (but may not appeal to everyone or have some challenges)


Best Zombie Books

2 Responses to Carol’s Annual Best-of

  1. Busty Book Bimbo says:

    I’m hungering for my next great zombie read. It’s been too long.

  2. thebookgator says:

    Oooh, let’s find one. I did get The Twelve but that’s more apocalypse. Do you have any suggestions, Ms. Librarian?

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