To e-read or not to e-read?

I love paper books. I love being able to scan my shelves, peruse the colors and sizes, felt the heft in my hand. Books are perfect for sunbathing, and for baths. E-readers are not. The character of an individual work is reduced strictly to words on a screen, as elemental as they can become before thought. No texture, light reflecting on paper, ruffled edges, slippery dust jacket. And yet the lure of being able to take a library in my purse, of being able to read works not published in traditional formats, or advanced copies of books draws me in. It doesn’t mean I’ve switched, just needed to open up to more options. And really, really got tired of hauling a backpack full of books through airports.

1 Response to To e-read or not to e-read?

  1. Busty Book Bimbo says:

    Oh Carol, ereaders really are wonderful. They have their place, and as I like to say, this isn’t Sophie’s Choice. You don’t have to choose one and send the other to die a horrible death. I have no fear that ebooks and print books are going to co-exist just fine with one another.

    One thing I really love about my Kobo is the instant gratification it gives me (I don’t have nearly enough of that in my life). Sometimes I’ve gotten the urge to read something and gone looking for it 10 at night. If my library doesn’t have the ebook I hit the Kobo store and chances are for a few bucks — BAM! It’s all mine. No muss no fuss. I love my horror when the mood strikes me, and have gotten my hands on some great titles this way. In fact, sometimes it’s too easy. I really have to curb my enthusiasm from time to time!

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