Gallery of Books

Yes, that’s one of my many bookshelves above on the header.

The book covers for reviewed books are below. Book quilt!

4 Responses to Gallery of Books

  1. Busty Book Bimbo says:

    I love this gallery thing, so I copied you. Now I can display my favorite book covers. I was already collecting them on Pinterest, but it’s nice to be able to have them on the blog.

  2. thebookgator says:

    Thanks! I’m really liking the options of wordpress. I haven’t ventured over to Pintrest–I have enough bad habits!

  3. Rabindranauth says:

    Whoa. This is awesome. Is this a feature of your specific theme, or something in the page settings?

  4. thebookgator says:

    Fun, right, Rabindranauth? It isn’t the theme. I believe in the wordpress writing section there is a ‘library’ of images. I created a page and then linked the image gallery to it. When I write a review, I upload a copy of the book cover I read–it usually serves as a visual cue for me– and then periodically update the page. I can retrace my steps more fully if you are interested.

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