Links of Interest

“The Status Quo Does Not Need World-Building,” by Kate Elliot. Nicely said. “The more minimal the world building, the more the status quo is highlighted without anything needed to be said.

“Never Say You Can’t Survive: When Is It Okay To Write About Someone Else’s Culture or Experience?” by Charlie Jane Anders at A nice discussion on using a marginalized culture or experience in one’s writing. Discusses the ‘tour guide’ phenomenon of many readers seemingly preferring books written by white authors. Also mentions sensitivity readers.

“Set Truth on Stun: Reinmagining an Anti-Oppressive SF/F,” by Daniel Jose Older. Round table discussion on science fiction and fantasy, taking off from Nora Jemisin’s recent speech.

“SF Reading Protocols” by Jo Walton. A very interesting post on science-fiction reading skills.

Note for self (and writers): fabulous post by Aliette de Bodard including cultural diversity in your writing. Seriously awesome advice. Also useful for pinpointing why a particular characterization may bother me though I may be unable to articulate why.

Great post on four women authors and the writers who they admire:

Great post by Carrie Vaughn (Kitty Norville series) and a deconstruction of women in Urban fantasy:

Very interesting post on myth and storytelling by Melinda Snodgrass:

Similarly fascinating deconstruction of chicks with guns by Lilith Saintcrow:

Shelfinflicted, reviews written by a coalition of GR friends, casting their reading net over a wide variety of genres.

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This Insignificant Cinder Amanda’s book reviews. An English teacher with a taste for hick-lit.

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    Love this idea! I’m stealing it! And I’m honored to be included 🙂

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