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The Stone in the Skull by Elizabeth Bear

Abandoned February 2023 Recommended for fans of purple prose I like Elizabeth Bear, but I’m discovering that I like her in the same way I like lilies: in small doses and from a distance. She does elaborate things with language … Continue reading

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Cage of Souls by Tchaikovsky

Read August 2022 Recommended for fans of old-timey literature   This, then, is where I think I close at last my weary eyes, lay hand upon my brow and reflect on how it is I came to this place. Many … Continue reading

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A Book of Bones by John Connolly. Or Book of Digression

Not finished August 2022 Recommended for serious Connolly fans ★   ★    Dear John, I wanted to read a book about Charlie. His buddies, Louis and Angel. His ghost-kid. Maybe something sort of supernatural. But this felt like an EXTRA!!! … Continue reading

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Persuader by Lee Child

Attempted to Read July 2022 Recommended for airplanes DNF   Please add this book to the tv series asap so I don’t have to read any more words. “The cop climbed out of his car exactly four minutes before he … Continue reading

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A Ghoulish Midlife. Why yes, it is ghoulish.

Attempted July 2021★  Read only if you are a middle-aged woman who lost the love of your life (but who also refers to your only son as the other love of your life) and want to imagine what it might be like … Continue reading

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Suppose a Sentence by Brian Dillon

Attempted June 2021 ★  ★ Literature analysis wonks only. A lovely review tempted me, but alas, this only lives up to its premise if one is well-versed in All The Writers. I thought perhaps it would contain sentence construction deconstruction … Continue reading

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The Case of the Missing Servant by Tarquin Hall

Attempted June 2021Not recommendedDNF/ ★  “Watch out Alexander McCall Smith!” claims the blurb. Watch out indeed, because Hall is not doing the genre any favors. Though I picked this up due to a favorable GR review, and found myself further … Continue reading

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The Living Dead by George A. Romero and Daniel Kraus

Called it November 2020 Recommended for serious fans only  ★     ★     ★     Results of a 51% read: It’s long. Really, really long, which is an interesting genre choice. As much as I go on about the value … Continue reading

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Sleepless by Charlie Huston. Alas, no.

Read  December 2017, sort of Recommended for sleepy people ★    ★    This should have been right up my alley. I really enjoy Huston’s writing and story approach, and I have a fondness for end-of-the-world stories, but this was a resounding … Continue reading

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Dance of the Bones by J.A. Jance

Read August 2016 Recommended for fans of Jance’s Walker/Beaumont series  ★    Note to self: Do NOT pick this up again. Yes, I know you are a bit desperate for a solid mystery series and thought you’d check out Jance … Continue reading

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